Gorgias Chat Campaign Setup

Chat campaigns, or “proactive chats”, are a great way to increase conversions by engaging customers while they are on your website. We will create up to 5 triggers in Gorgias to initiate a chat conversation if a customer is inactive at checkout for some time or lingers on a product page. When customers respond to these chats, a ticket will be generated and can be handled by additional automations or a live agent.

What you can expect from us
  • Setup of up to 5 proactive chat triggers in Gorgias
  • Focused on checkout inactivity and/or low converting product pages
  • Delivered within 10 business days
  • One month of free on-demand access to our CXM team
What we need from you
  • Admin access to your Gorgias account
  • Shopify Analytics access
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wrrk helps hundreds of brands help millions of customers per year, with a team of USA-based Customer Support Operations experts.
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