Monthly FAQ maintenance

We will execute a monthly audit of your FAQ, to ensure that your FAQ articles are still accurate (removing or updating outdated information), updated for seasonal trends, and still covering your top ticket topics. A FAQ is a key component of a customer-centric support org -- but only if it's kept up to date. For while information gives your customers power, wrong information gives your customers headaches. So let wrrk's team of Support Ops experts keep your FAQ clean, effective, and up to date.

What you can expect from us
  • A monthly audit of your FAQ
  • Report on FAQ coverage of top ticket topics
  • Roadmap for future FAQ articles to write
  • Updates made to out of date articles
  • Articles prioritized based on seasonality or stock status
  • Ongoing free access to our on-demand Support Ops team
What we need from you
  • Access to your helpdesk
  • Access to your FAQ management
About wrrk
wrrk helps hundreds of brands help millions of customers per year, with a team of USA-based Customer Support Operations experts.
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