Gorgias Volume Heatmap

Having support agents available to customers is essential, and knowing when to schedule them is critical. Not having enough coverage can have a negative effect on customer experience and excessive staffing can be an expensive drain on your bottom line. Staffing heatmaps allow you to identify not only the busiest time of the week, but can also show seasonal spikes and dips. We will review historical ticket data over a time range and create a heat map showing the busiest days & times so you can staff proactively to meet expected volume needs.

What you can expect from us
  • A volume heatmap based on historical ticket data
  • Broken down by day & hour to show busiest times, with insights
  • Delivered within 10 business days
  • One month of free on-demand access to our CXM team
What we need from you
  • Admin access to your Gorgias account
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