Gorgias Reporting Process Audit

Gorgias is a fantastic helpdesk for eCommerce businesses and they allow you to very simply export data to create custom reports. Let our data and support experts help you figure out the best way for your helpdesk to be set up to automatically collect the data you need! We will help you set up Rules, add tags actions to macros, and/or create a tagging guide so the data most important to you is right at your fingertips. We’ll show you how to filter your data and make ongoing adjustments.

What you can expect from us
  • Consultation to determine metrics most important to you
  • A thorough audit of existing reports & data flow infrastructure
  • Setup of tags, rules, and macros to maximize effective data collection
  • Personalized walkthrough on how to make edits & updates to your new reporting structure
  • Delivered within 10 business days
  • One month of free on-demand access to our CXM team
What we need from you
  • Admin access to Gorgias
  • Access to any relevant reports being used
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